Common Questions

What do I need to do to get a work permit?


Step One : Application for " Alien Employment License of the People's Republic of China "    
     1.  3 copies of "Application Form for Foreign Employment License"  . 
     2.  Report for foreigners employing  (shall be offered by the Employer . submit to The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province 
     3.  Letter of intent for hire ( Shalled be provided to apllicant by the Employer )
     4. Credential of working experience (Shall be issued by Foreign institutions or organizations , or shall be filled by  applicant and stambed by employer )
     5.  Related qualifications and Certificates (Graduation Certificate , skills qualification , The work letter which shall be offered by Applicant's formal employer which tells the applicant has at least over 2 years of related  working experience  
     6. Copy of passport ( no less than 6 months validness )
     7. Enterprise Approval Certificate, The Business License,Organization Code Certificate 
     8.Certificate of No Criminal Conviction


Step Two : Application for "Alien Employment Permit"

1. 3 copies of "Employment Registration for Foreigners in China "

2. Copy of "Alien Employment License of the People's Republic of China"

3. The original and copy of Work Contract 

4. The original and copy of  Passport and Z visa or other valid International travel documents which can place passport .

5. Health Certificate (body check through agencies which designated by the state) 

6. Accommodation registration form  issued by local Police Station 

7. A recent two inches of profile picture 

What does the medical check for?

The physical examination for foreigners which basically checks Infectious diseases ,contagions , cardio-pulmonary function , blood pressure , Regular eyesight ,oral examination and so on 

How long does the work permit last for?


Normally the validity of the Work Permit is one year ,and it has to be renewed before its expired

How much does it cost?

1.  Z visa fee shall be based on the local Chinese Embassay's  relation. 

2. Fees for "Alien Employment Permit"     500 yuan 

3. Body Check : 419 yuan 

4. Residence Permit : 400 yuan (within a year) 

5. Fees for material translation (shall be based on the market price )

( the list of costs do not include expense for the flight tickets and photos ) . 

How much does it cost to hire a company to sort it out for me?

What restrictions does it have?


There is no typical restrictions on who can apply for work permit in China, who can't not .     as long as if you are able to offer the above legal documents 

 It will be hard for International or exchange students to apply for Work Permit because China demands a 2 years related working experience for those who apply for work permit  .

Is there a limit on how many work permits I can get?

One work permit each , in additional  , for those who are qualified to apply for Foreign Expert Certificate in China , who don't need to apply for Work Permit anymore . 

What is the process of applying for a work permit?

Apply for "Alien Employment License of the People's Republic of China"    ----→ Invitation Letter for Z visa  ----→ apply for Z visa ( have to apply for Z visa from outside of China )   ----→  apply for "Alien Employment Permit"    ----→  apply for " Residence Permit "  

What is the process of applying for a driving license?

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Work Permit Q & A

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