TeacherReady is a great way for unqualified teachers to gain QTS whilst working abroad. It is an online alternative teaching certification program run through, the University of West Florida. The program carries NCATE/CAEP accreditation. The program can fit around your own schedules where you set the dates for completing assignments, all work is delivered on-line. To gain this qualification you need to pass all assignments for the eight lessons and pass three Florida certification exams. A Florida certification can be transferred to some other states.
What will I learn at TeacherReady?
The TeacherReady Online Curriculum consists of eight instructional lessons. Each lesson was designed to build the skills, knowledge, and practice for successful teaching.
The online curriculum follows the Plan. Do. Study. Act. cycle (PDSA). PDSA is a highly-successful model that drives continuous improvement and learning.
What Teaching Credentials Will I Receive?
If you are a US citizen,  you will earn the following teaching credentials, when you complete all program requirements:
  • Florida Professional Teacher Certification
  • TeacherReady Certificate of Completion
  • University of West Florida Transcripts
  • Competency 2 Florida Reading Endorsement certificate
  • Up to 12 credit hours towards select master’s programs at Colorado State University – Global Campus and the University of West Florida
If you are not a US citizen, you will need to meet these additional requirements to be awarded your Florida Professional Teacher Certification:
  • A teaching job in the State of Florida
  • A current, valid, US Social Security Number (required to take the Florida Teacher Certification Exams)
Continuing Your Education: Master’s Credit Benefits
Once you complete the TeacherReady® program, you have the potential to be awarded up to 12 semester hours of credit toward select master’s programs at the Colorado State University Global or the University of West Florida.
Cost Of TeacherReady
The costs of the course is $5,735.  When comparing this course with other similar on-line courses such as the PGCEi £3,500-£6,500 (which doesn't come with QTS) the course fee appears very reasonable. 

What is teaching field experience?
TeacherReady includes a practical element where students are expected to put the skills learned from the on-line lessons. These field experiences include, observations, interviews, tutoring, attending meetings and teaching lessons in the mentor's classroom.
Field Work Requirements
  • Complete 185 total field hours across all 8 lessons – includes a one-week (35 hours) culminating experience under mentor observation
  • Complete all lesson field assignments
  • Complete Lesson 8 Culminating Field Experience (makes up 35 field hours)
How do I find a mentor?
If you are not a teacher (in a k-12 institution)
TeacherReady will look for a teacher in your area once you have provided information about your school. This can take time, it
is not unusual for students to complete all other lesson curriculum and move to the next lesson, prior to completing the lesson field assignments. Once you begin working in your mentor’s classroom, you can begin working on your field assignments. Until you are placed with a mentor, you will still continue with your regular assignments.
If you are a teacher already
You can use your classrooms to complete your field assignments, as long as you meet the following requirements:
  • You are currently teaching the subject area and grade range in which you want to be certified.
  • You are currently teaching in a K-12 institution.
  • You teach in the same classroom at least 6 hours per week (some substitutes and para-educators may not qualify).
If you meet the requirements to complete your field work in your classroom, you will connect with your school administration to identify a mentor who can work with you through the program. Then, you will provide us with information about your school and your mentor on the Mentor Assignment Form.
If you do not meet the above requirements, you can do one of the following:
  • Complete your field work in another teacher’s classroom.
  • Earn your certification in the subject area that you are teaching, in addition to the subject area that you want to teach.
  • Contact us for additional options.
Mentor requirements
It is important for the integrity of the course to provide a mentor that is experienced and qualified. As a result the mentor will need to have a current and valid teaching or administration certificate, 3 years teaching experience or be a current school administrator as well as clinical education training. This requirement can be completed by taking a free 4 hour  online training course offered by TeacherReady. Licensed administrators do not need to take this training course.

International Schools

If you have completed your TeacherReady and have QTS then it is likely that you will be keen to start recouping the cost by getting a job with a higher salary and better benefits. 
Jobs in International schools generally have much higher salaries with better benefits. Of course this is a general guide and whilst it is possible to get into some international schools without one, it is a lot easier with one!
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