Interview with former PGCEi student at Sunderland University 

Michael had been a teaching assistant in Colombia at an IB school when he decided that he wanted to do further education. His current school was unwilling to encourage his transition from teaching assistant to teacher so he moved to China and started the PGCEi at Sunderland.
Did you enjoy the lectures?
I really enjoyed the course. The way the course is designed means that all the course assignments relate to your current teaching practice. This meant that all the coursework was relevant to my classroom which served as extra motivation for when the course became difficult. The course promotes reflection of your teaching practice and encourages that you try new ideas in your classroom. Therefore, while the course at times was quite taxing, one could see the benefits in the classroom.
How did you find the first assignment?
There were five assignments in total. Some of the assignments related to your teaching period over a set period of time where as others were essay based. However, they were all attainable.
Is it difficult to find free time whilst studying and working?
Yes, unless you develop good time management skills. In my experience with the course, when I was organised I was able to balance a social life. I made sure that I allocated some time every day for reading and set a schedule for the essay writing. However, in my second semester I was less organised and my free time suffered accordingly.
What has been the biggest problem during your study?
As I hadn’t studied for many years before starting the course, it was difficult going back to back to the student mindset, especially relearning academic writing. However, once the course got going, it was easy to get back into the mind frame.
Do you think this course has made you more employable?
100% yes. This course has now opened more doors and options. Quite literally, the world is my oyster.
Are you earning more money now?
Yes, since completing the course I have seen an salary increase of about 45 % from my original salary.
Anything you would like to add?
I would highly recommend doing the course if you want to take your career and teaching practice to the next level.
Michael seems to have had a very similar experience to Matthew at Keele where he had some problems with the workload but managed to complete his course and is now financially better off and happy to have done it.
Anybody who wants to comment feel free to leave one down below. If you want more information e-mail me at and I will do my best to find out for you.
A great way to start your teaching career by spending an intensive month learning the basics of teaching English as a second language.
 It is the most widely recognised qualification for entry into the profession for those with little or no experience in English language teaching to adults and with no previous formal qualification in this field.
The course is designed for in-service teachers currently working in or who wish to work in international schools and similar organisations and who wish to acquire an internationally recognised teaching certificate
Masters in Education
It is not a professional qualification that shows you how to teach. It is an advanced degree which focuses upon educational research issues (e.g. assessment, inclusive learning).
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