Explore Taiwan while teaching and living as a member of 4 host families this summer!
English Camp Taiwan is hiring young, energetic camp counselors who are passionate about teaching and exploring foreign cultures.  Candidates must have youth-leadership experience (this may come in various forms, teaching, work as a camp counselor, etc.  One-on-one tutoring unfortunately does not qualify).  Candidates must have native-level proficiency in English and speak with a standard accent.  Those with primary education experience, Celta, or Tefl preferred.  Due to visa restrictions, candidates must be between the ages of 20 and 30 and hold a passport from one of the following countries: Austria, Poland, Slovak, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, or Taiwan.  
To apply please contact uklaoshi@gmail.com

Summer Camp

English Camp Taiwan

What does a typical day at camp look like?
Well, we start off in the morning circle with song & games, then off to the classrooms where it's more games designed to be fun and that just happen to get the kids speaking. After lunch, its off time for some awesome activities that could be anything from dodge-ball to carnival day or science day, the sky's the limit, as long as we're all having fun!
What ideas would you like to try?
A typical day looks a bit like this:
English Camp Taiwan Counselors
are young energetic and excited to learn about new cultures. During the English Camp Taiwan tour, you will typically visit four cities in Taiwan working in high-energy, hands-on summer camps in each city. In each city, we have carefully screened host families who are excited to meet you and share the Taiwanese culture. We believe that it is this opportunity to live as a member of the family that allows ECT counselors to develop bonds that last a lifetime and lead to a cultural understanding that goes far beyond what you can learn as tourists or in a cross-cultural studies course.
Host Families
Often we go to a country to see the sites -- Taipei 101, the Southern most Point, the famous Alishan mountain, or perhaps the Penghu Archipelagos, yet what we truly remember is the people.
During your tour, you will have the opportunity to stay with several host families, living as they do, sharing your experiences, and seeing the world through an entirely unique point of view.  Through a careful screening process, we identify families who are eager to welcome you into their homes and share their culture with you.
To Apply
Please send your c.v with "Taiwan Summer Camp as the subject to uklaoshi@gmail.com 
Positions filled!
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