Skype Interview

Most jobs in China will require candidates to do an interview on Skype.  Having an interview  on Skype saves everyone time and money. A good interview not  only  increases your chances of getting a job, but also can help you negotiate  a  higher  wage if you have made a good impression. To help you with your interview I have listed the following points
Check Date and Time
Often you will be interviewing  across  time zones, so you need to make sure what  time and date it will be for you and them. If the interview is .10 am on Friday Beijing time, depending on your time zone it  could be Thursday for you. This may seem obvious but  people  make mistakes on this a lot!
Look the Part
This  is probably  the  most important part here in China. Appearances  are very important in China, so if you don't look the part they  may think you are not capable of doing the  job. You should  wear a shirt and tie, also make sure  you have shaved, or at least tidied up any facial hair. Chinese people generally prefer a "smarter" look which means freshly  shaved.
Check your Equipment
Make sure that your camera, headphones and microphone all work 30 minutes before  the interview is set to begin. Nothing worse that  trying to fix your equipment in 2 minutes before the  interview  starts!
Prepare your Surroundings.
Plan  ahead, where will you be for your interview? If  you will be at home make  sure that everything in camera view  is tidy and there is nothing embarrassing lying around. Make sure that everyone is aware that you are having an interviews so you do not get interrupted.
Confirm the Interview
Unfortunately  the people who interview you are often very busy and can be late or even forget  they have an interview. It is  best  to message them in the morning confirming the  time of the  interview and a gentle reminder.
Be Ready
Have everything organised and be ready 10 minutes before the  interview  is about to start.  This  will help you to  be relaxed when it starts as you haven't been rushing around to try and make it on time.
Do your Research
Read up on the company looking to hire  you, what type of school and curriculum is  it? Have  a think about  the type of questions that they will ask and how  you will answer them? Have some questions prepared  that you would like to know.
If it is your first interview  over skype, have a friend do a demo interview with you. You can even record it to see how you come across and what looks and sounds good.
Guide to  Teaching Jobs
The teaching market is exceptionally varied. Jobs for non qualified teachers can vary from 5,000 rmb right up to 18,000 rmb

8 Tips For Improving Your C.V

A good C.V can make you stand out from the crowd where as a bad one can see your excellent experience and skills being ignored.
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A look at the best ways to move from a TEFL teacher to an international school.
IB Qualifications
Here we take a look at some of the workshops and certificates offered by the IB and some advice on how to get into an IB school.
Language Centre Jobs
Reference Number:LC15
Kindergarten Teacher
Location: Shanghai
Salary: 25-28k
Benefits:6 weeks holiday, flight reimbursement and medical insurance
Start date:May/June 2017
 To apply, send the reference number and your CV,  to
School Jobs
Reference Number: 12
TEFL Teacher for Public Schools
Location: Chengdu
Salary: 10,000 to 20,000
Benefits:, paid holidays, accommodation allowance, insurance, flight reimbursement, visa, contract bonus and other bonuses, lunch provided.
To apply send your c.v, the reference number to
International Schools
Reference Number:7
IGCSE/A Level Physics Teacher – One needed
​​IGCSE/A Level Chemistry Teacher –One needed  
​Location: Chengdu (OIC International School– Chengdu)
​Salary: RMB 20,000+(based on relevant experience and skills)
​Start Date:01 August 2017
Summer Camps
Taiwan Summer Camp
14 Councillors needed 
​Location: Taiwan
​Salary: $1/2,000
​Start Date: 24th July
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