Nottingham University PGCEi

The PGCEi at Nottingham University is one of the better known courses of this type, especially in Asia. (Nottingham was the first University to open a campus in another country, when it opened one in Malaysia ) It is also one of the most recognized due to the amount of students that have completed the course.
One of the advantages that the Nottingham PGCEi has is that you do not need to go to the UK at any point, but instead just need to go to one of the cohorts, which can be found in 14 locations around the world.


As part of this course you will be required to attend a week of lectures in any one of these places.
This means that if you don't live in one of these locations or they are full, you can go to a different one for the cohort and return to where you work when it has finished.
Start dates are determined by the course venue
Country, location, start date (2-3 weeks before the introductory event)


The price of the course depends on which cohort you attend. The range is fairly small, from £3,500- £3,700.To compare the price with other courses (Keele and Sunderland) please click  here.


The PGCEi is split up into four core modules that are each worth 15 credits. These modules include
• Approaches to Teaching
• Contexts
• Investigating Student Understanding
• Understanding Learning
The cohort is an intensive block of study, where as  the rest of the course is taught via distance learning, as well as learning on the job. Most people complete the course in 12 months, although it is possible to finish in 8 months. Some places such as Hong Kong do not accept this qualification because of the lack of a practicum module. If you intend to work in Hong Kong, then maybe you should consider either Keele or Sunderland for your PGCEi.  


During the cohort, you will partake in small group discussions, presentations, large group discussions and tutorials. The rest of the course will be using a dedicated virtual learning environment (VLE), which will provide course materials, learning resources and tutorial support.


Each of the four modules will be assessed by coursework and a 3,000 word assignment.

Entry Requirements

To attend this course you will need to have a degree, or an approved professional qualification deemed equivalent. If English is not your native language you will also need to achieve IELTS 6.5, with no part below 6.0. You should also be a teacher currently working in a school who has access to a computer and the internet. If you are a teaching assistant you can still apply.
If you wish to apply or check out any more information click here.

Interview With Former Student


MA in Education

If you have completed the PGCEi, you could apply to continue your studies with us, and marks of 50% or above in a module can be used as credits towards our MA Education, MA Education (flexible), MA Educational Leadership and Management or the MA Special and Inclusive Education.
Here we meet Jason who has been teaching in Thailand for 6 years. We find out what he thought of the course, how it affected his life, work balance and the impact it has had on his career. Jason also did a degree in Thailand whilst he was working which allowed him to get on the course.
Nottingham University PGCEi


 Qualified Teacher Status in England and Wales is conferred by the National College for Teaching and Leadership on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education (England) and the Minister for Education and Skills (Wales) not by universities. This PGCEi does not therefore offer a licence to teach in the UK or elsewhere.
Interview With A Former Student
Here we find out what someone who as already done the course found it. We find out if it helped them to find a new job, get a higher salary etc.

International Schools

If you have completed your PGCEi then it is likely that you will be keen to start recouping the cost by getting a job with a higher salary and better benefits. 
Jobs in International schools generally have much higher salaries with better benefits. Of course this is a general guide and whilst it is possible to get into some international schools without one, it is a lot easier with one!

Assessment Only Route to QTS

If you are looking to get QTS as soon as possible read here about how to do it in about 12 weeks in the UK.
The course is designed for in-service teachers currently working in or who wish to work in international schools and similar organisations and who wish to acquire an internationally recognised teaching certificate.
Keele PGCEi
Everything you need to know about the PGCEi at Keele. Also includes an interview with a former student.
Sunderland PGCEi
Everything you need to know about the PGCEi at Sunderland.
Masters in Education
It is not a professional qualification that shows you how to teach. It is an advanced degree which focuses upon educational research issues (e.g. assessment, inclusive learning).
A great way to start your teaching career by spending an intensive month learning the basics of teaching English as a second language.
 It is the most widely recognised qualification for entry into the profession for those with little or no experience in English language teaching to adults and with no previous formal qualification in this field.
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