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Keele University has been delivering top courses for international school teachers and administrators since 2010. The course has targeted teachers already working in international schools across South East Asia. You don't have to work at an international school to get a place on this course. The course is a one year, part time distance learning programme with an in house week of lectures in August.


The residential course takes places at  Keele University. The rest of the course is all done over the internet. Note users in China that many of the programmes use Google so a VPN is necessary. 

Residential Course

The Residential week is usually the first week of August when most international schools are on holiday. The course runs from Monday to Friday with lectures in the morning and afternoon.  Students are encouraged to do the listed reading so that they can take part in group discussions. During this week you meet your tutors, learn when assignments are due, listen to lectures about the field and gain advice on how to do them.


The course is split into four modules:
  • Learners, Learning and Assessment (30 credits): 
  • International Educational Practice (15 credits):
  •  Creative Practice (15 credits):
  •  12 weeks practicum (15 credits), which is undertaken in your current school


The first module is assessed by one 2,000 word essay and another 4,000 word essay. The International Educational Practice and Creative Practice are assessed by a 4,000 word essay each. The 12 week practicum is assessed by a tutor at your school, with 12 lesson observations and a final portfolio with a reflective essay of 1,000 words.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should, ideally have a good honours degree, English as first language or IELTS score of 6.5 or above. Applicants will be in-service teachers in an international school setting, who have the full support of their school to undertake the programme.
If you wish to apply or check out any more information click here.


The price of the course is £4,900. However to take part in the one week residential course which is compulsory you must pay either £180 as a non resident (you will have to find your own accommodation, I was paying around £35 a night and would have to take a bus for about an hour each way to get to university) or £610 to stay as a resident (most people did this on my course, considerably more expensive but a lot more convenient.) To compare the price with other courses (Nottingham and Sunderland) please click  here.

MA in Education

After you have finished a PGCEi at Keele you can then apply to do a masters with them. Modules that you gained 50% or more can be used as credits towards the MA. There are three options, you can do either the, MA Education (flexible), MA Educational Leadership and Management or the MA Special and Inclusive Education.

Interview With A Former Student
Here we read about how Matthew found the PGCEi at Keele. Matthew has been teaching in China for one and a half years. During this interview we learn what he thought of the programme and the impact it has had on his job search. We also get his view on whether or not it was worth it.


 Qualified Teacher Status in England and Wales is conferred by the National College for Teaching and Leadership on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education (England) and the Minister for Education and Skills (Wales) not by universities. This PGCEi does not therefore offer a licence to teach in the UK or elsewhere.
Interview With A Former Student
Here we find out what someone who as already done the course found it. We find out if it helped them to find a new job, get a higher salary etc.

International Schools

If you have completed your PGCEi then it is likely that you will be keen to start recouping the cost by getting a job with a higher salary and better benefits. 
Jobs in International schools generally have much higher salaries with better benefits. Of course this is a general guide and whilst it is possible to get into some international schools without one, it is a lot easier with one!

Assessment Only Route to QTS

If you are looking to get QTS as soon as possible read here about how to do it in about 12 weeks in the UK.
The course is designed for in-service teachers currently working in or who wish to work in international schools and similar organisations and who wish to acquire an internationally recognised teaching certificate.

Nottingham PGCEi

Everything you need to know about the PGCEi at Nottingham. Also includes an interview with a former student.
Sunderland PGCEi
Everything you need to know about the PGCEi at Nottingham..
Masters in Education
It is not a professional qualification that shows you how to teach. It is an advanced degree which focuses upon educational research issues (e.g. assessment, inclusive learning).
A great way to start your teaching career by spending an intensive month learning the basics of teaching English as a second language.
 It is the most widely recognised qualification for entry into the profession for those with little or no experience in English language teaching to adults and with no previous formal qualification in this field.
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