New To Teaching?

People have many different reasons for wanting to teach abroad, but after having made the decision to teach, what do you need to know?
First thing to consider, why do you want to teach? When you know why you wish to teach it can then help you to find the correct job for your situations. For example, someone who wants to only teach for a year to save money would probably be better off teaching somewhere the cost of living is lower.
The answer to these questions will help you to find what jobs will suit you. If you are looking to save money, perhaps living downtown with all its temptations is a bad idea. As well as the type of job, your reasons for teaching will effect the type of education you should pursue. 
Here we have broken down the "types of teacher" into zzz main catagories. You will probably find you don't fit into one perfectly but a mix of them, but you should find the advice useful.
Teaching Types
1 Qualified teacher who should be aiming to work at international schools, with the top salaries
2 Teacher who wants to make a career out of teaching. They will need to invest in career opportunities to transition to international schools
3 Teacher who live in the here and now. They are less motivated by money and prefer to not to spend money on further education and are content with what they do
4 Gap year teacher who just wants to try it out for year and see what it is like to live in another country. 
5 Retired teacher who has already made money and now just wants to do something they enjoy.
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