Events in Nanjing

This page is for people who want to get involved in some events. To start with each month I will arrange a trip in or near Nanjing. These events are open to anybody and are a chance for people to have some fun, meet other expats and get out and see more of China. If anyone has any suggestions of things that they would like to do you are welcome to send me an e-mail or contact me on wechat mattsmith87.
As part of this trip we will meet at 6pm at the South Gate of Baima Park where we will have a BBQ until 8pm. Then from 8pm until 10pm we will play CS. 10-10.30 we will set up the tents and sleeping bags. 10.30pm -8 am camping.
The cost of this trip is 100 RMB which will need to be paid by Tuesday the 9th of May. If you wish to come and miss the first deadline, you are welcome to still come but the price is 220RMB as you will no longer be able to get the offer. If you are interested please add my wechat mattsmith87.
May 13 - CS, Camping and a BBQ
Fushan Mountain is located in Anhui about an hour from the capital Hefai.
 These mountains are not as famous as the Huanghsan Mountain but are very beautiful and a lot quieter.
The cost of the trip is 400RMB which includes two nights in a hotel as well as entry to the mountain. If you are interested please  send add my wechat mattsmith87
April 29-30 Fushan  Mountain Trip
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