BBQ, CS and Camping Trip 13/14 of May

This weekend at organised a BBQ CS and Camping trip for 26 people. We started the evening at 6 with a BBQ and a few beers and in my case cider. We were extremely lucky with the weather, as it was a lovely sunny day and perfect for a BBQ. We had lots of bacon, chicken, sausages lamb and pork kebabs as well as a few vegetables such as beans, onions, mushrooms and Tofu.
After two hours of eating and drinking it was time to get ready for the CS. C.S in China was completely different to what I was expecting as we were not in teams but all against all. This led to lots of small groups forming and plenty of backstabbing- I think my gf shot me twice from behind! We played three different games, the first two games we had 5 lives and the last game we had 10. At the end of the game you could see how many people you had shot, I had managed to gun down the exact number of times I had been killed, plenty of my kills and deaths had come from supposed allies!
After around an hour and a half of playing it was time to set up camp. It was dark but luckily there was plenty of light to set up the tents. The tents were really easy to put up although motivating people to set up their tents before they were too drunk was not so easy! Most people stayed up till late drinking. In the morning there was quite a few hungover people!
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