is a province in the southwest of China occupying most of the Sichuan Basin between the Himalayas on the west, the Daba in the north, and the Yungui Plateau to the east. The province is well known for the spicy food! 
Capital  Chengdu
Other notable Cities
  • Official Language Mandarin

Other languages
Khams, Tibetan
GDP No.6 (in China) Average income 17,339 RMB
As you can see from our pollution rankings table, the capital Chengdu has very high levels of pollution, almost 5x the healthy limit. To view todays pollution click here. To view how Chengdu compares with other cities click below
The food in Sichuan is well known for being preserved through pickling, salting and drying. Preserved dishes are generally served with lots of chili oil. The most distinct spice is the Sichuanpepper which has a numbing effect on your mouth.
Xinduqiao Sichuan, noodles with beef

Things To Do/Visit

Sichuan has many natural things to go and see from the  unique glaciers in Hailuogou to.....

As you can see from the U shaped valley in the picture Hailuogou is a natural glacier in a forest. There is also a hot spring nearby. It is 319 km from Chengdu. The Glaciers are particulary rare as modern marine glaciers are rarely found in places of low-latitude or at low altitude.


Admission to Hailuogou: 70 yuan/person; sightseeing bus: 70 yuan/person, which is the only means of transportation allowed in the park; cable car (roundtrip): 160 yuan/person. It takes a full day to visit the glacier park.

Jobs in Sichuan

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