Interview with former student at TeacherReady

Brad has been teaching in China for 4 years now with a brief 6 months in Turkey. During this time he has completed his TeacherReady and is now working as a homeroom teacher in an IB school in Shanghai. He would like to one day move to Europe, although he is very happy in China at the moment.
Did you enjoy the lectures?
With the exception of the 4 day induction (that didn’t really consist of lectures; they were more like seminars) the entire course was delivered online.
Which cohort did you go to?
Bangkok Any comments about the accommodation? I live here in Thailand so I stayed at my condo. However, the hotel in which the induction was held (and where many of the enrollees stayed) was very nice
How was the first assignment?
It was hard work. Even after 10 years of teaching I soon realized that I knew very little about the profession in terms of academics. I was no longer able to hide behind flowery prose as I did with my (English) undergraduate degree. It soon became evident that my work needed actual substance and not just style.
Is it difficult to find free time whilst studying and working?
In my case it wasn’t as I utilized my free time at work to get the bulk of my studying done. However, for those who don’t have this option, it may be a bit trickier. That being said, if you use your time properly in the evenings and weekends, there is no reason you can’t get it done – it’s only 10-12 months after all
What has been the biggest problem during your study?
The reading for sure – a lot of it was irrelevant to what I intended to write about in my assignments as well as my own classroom practice.
Do you think this course has made you more employable?
Without a doubt. The position I now hold only employs teachers who are eligible for a teacher’s license. Moreover, prior to securing this position, I had a multitude of different interviews and job offers that would never have been possible with just my undergraduate degree.
Are you earning more money now?
Much more – at least 50% more than I was already earning and even at my previous position I was already on a decent salary.
Anything you would like to add?
1 and 2
Jason has shown the benefits that he has gained from doing the course. He seems very happy not just from the content but also his new career opportunities.
Anybody who wants to comment feel free to leave one down below. If you want more information ask and I will do my best to find out for you.
A great way to start your teaching career by spending an intensive month learning the basics of teaching English as a second language.
 It is the most widely recognised qualification for entry into the profession for those with little or no experience in English language teaching to adults and with no previous formal qualification in this field.
The course is designed for in-service teachers currently working in or who wish to work in international schools and similar organisations and who wish to acquire an internationally recognised teaching certificate
Masters in Education
It is not a professional qualification that shows you how to teach. It is an advanced degree which focuses upon educational research issues (e.g. assessment, inclusive learning).

Interview with former student

Here you can read about someone's experience on the course and how it has impacted his career path
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