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 is a province in the People's Republic of China, located in the southeast of the country
Capital  Nanchang
Other notable Cities
  • Jiujiang

  • Ganzhou

  • Jingdezhen

  • Xinyu

  • Pingxiang

  • Ji'an

  • Yichun

  • Yingtan

  • Fuzhou

  • Shangrao

Official Language Mandarin
Other languages
Jianghuai MandarinWuZhongyuan Mandarin
Average Wage
Cost of Living
Rice is the dominant crop in Jiangxi. Cash crops commonly grown include cotton and rapeseed. Jiangxi is the leading producer of kumquats in China, particularly Suichuan County.
Jiangxi is rich in mineral resources, leading the provinces of China in deposits of coppertungstengoldsilveruraniumthoriumtantalumniobium, among others. Noted centers of mining include Dexing (copper) and Dayu County (tungsten).
Jiangxi is a rather poor province when compared to its neighboring provinces. It is located in extreme proximity to some of the richest provinces of China (GuangdongZhejiangFujian), which are sometimes blamed for taking away talent and capital from Jiangxi.
Jiangxi has the lowest wages and third lowest property prices in all of China

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