is a province of the People's Republic of China, located in the central part of the country.
Capital  Zhengzhou
Other notable Cities
  • Jiuquan
  • Jinchang
  • Tianshui
  • Jiayuguan
Official Language Mandarin
Other languages
TuAmdo TibetanMongolian, and the Kazakh language.
GDP No.5
Henan has a temperate climate that is humid subtropical  to the south of the Yellow River and bordering on humid continental  to the north. It has a distinct seasonal climate characterised by hot, humid summers due to the East Asian monsoon, and generally cool to cold, windy, dry winters that reflect the influence of the vast Siberian anticyclone. Temperatures average around the freezing mark in January and 27 to 28 °C in July. A great majority of the annual rainfall occurs during the summer.

Things To Do/Visit

Mogao Caves
Ancient Ruins, sacred and religious
Zhangye Danxia Geopark

Geological formations.

Mingsha shan (Echo Sand Mountain) Park


Lambrang Monastery

Sacred and religious site.

Jobs in Henan

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