Chinese Lessons in Nanjing

Hi guys,

This is Vivian. Every year when it comes to the holidays, many students of mine will leave for vacations or visiting home, so this time I've decided to give you guys who actually stay here a discount for the winter break if you are thinking of using this time to make some progress on your Chinese. 


Time : Jan 1st 2017 - Feb 28th 2017

Discount: 10% off for people who share this post on you moments 

               15% off for people who get 30 likes after you share this post on your moments

For both group classes which cover the levels from beginning to HSK 5 and 1 on 1 classes.


For people who are not in Nanjing, you can also join my wechat group classes. It's mainly about vocabularies and sentences explanations for HSK 3\4\5. It's cheaper and much more convinient for you to catch up with your Chinese study during the holiday!

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