is a landlocked province of the People's Republic of China located in the eastern region of the country.
Capital  Hefei
Other notable Cities
Official Language Mandarin
Other Languages
JianghuaiZhongyuan MandarinGanWuHuizhou
Rural Average Wage 10,821 rmb
Urban Average Wage 26,416 rmb
Cost of Living
Economy Farming

As with topography, the province differs in climate from north to south. The north is more temperate and has more clear cut seasons. January temperatures average at around -1 to 2 °C north of the Huai River, and 0 to 3 °C south of the Huai River; in July temperatures average 27 °C or above. 


Things To Do/Visit

Huangshan Mountain

A beautiful mountain range in Southern Anhui.

Mount Jiuhua

One of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism

Fantawild Adventure Park

The biggest theme park in China situated in Wuhu

Huacheng Temple

The oldest and most prominent temple on Mount Jiuhua. It has a history dating back more than 1,500 years.

Huangshan Hot Springs

Delightful natural hot springs found at the base of Huangshan Mountain.

Jobs in Anhui

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